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Valhalla hardwood service offers a beautiful, durable floor that requires minimal maintenance. Here at Valhalla Flooring, our mission is to make your home a more comfortable place, while also being practical and economical. By utilizing solid hardwood floors in luxury homes to high-end hotels and every day homeowners like you, we have proven ourselves as the industry leader.

With a stronger durability and quality, Valhalla flooring make the floor of your home durable, beautiful and timeless surface. A professional hardwood floor installer should include pre-treatment for the wood before laying down the wood floor. This includes sanding down the existing finish to reveal the natural beauty of the wood evident from its grain patterns, vacuuming and cleaning the floor without damaging it.


Valhalla is a premium solid hardwood, engineered flooring made using sustainable ACQ-treated timber. Its unique structure and special manufacturing process ensure that all boards are straight, flat and true, making it suitable for all applications. The use of ACQ tech to treat the timber makes this flooring ideal for any room in your home as it will not only look amazing but it will withstand heavy traffic and moisture.


Our sanders make the task of smoothing old wooden floors easy. We carefully inspect every inch of your wood floor to ensure it's ready for either a professional refinishing or painting. We start with fine sandpaper to remove any bumps on the surface, then move on to coarse strips to level out scratches and imperfections. This process leaves your floor smooth enough for new floors in no time.

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